Workforce Ready Series for Peers

OhioPRO’s Peer Technical Assistance Centers (PeerTACs), in partnership with Sinclair Community College, are hosting free and virtual workforce development training sessions for peer recovery supporters looking to enter the professional workforce or advance in their chosen careers.

The Workforce Ready Series is perfect for entry-level workers, workers returning to the workforce, or anyone who wants to establish a strong foundation for workplace success.

There will be four (4) sessions during this series, each occurring from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM on their respective dates. Below are the dates and topics for each training session.

  1. April 23rd – Professionalism and Communication in the Workplace
  2. April 30th – Email Etiquette
  3. May 7th – Writing a Resume that Works
  4. May 14th – Interviewing Basics: Key Concepts


This training will provide participation credits that can count towards recertification renewal.

Register for this training series here. See below for additional details on each training session.

If you have any questions, contact Uele Boxill, Marketing Coordinator of OhioPRO, at

Session Descriptions

Session One: Professionalism and Communication in the Workplace

In today’s rapidly changing workplace landscape, personal growth and effective communication are pivotal. This session delves into self-awareness, interpersonal dynamics, and professional conduct. Additionally, participants will learn how to communicate effectively, leveraging their distinct communication tendencies. 


Session Two: Email Etiquette 

Master the art of writing impactful workplace emails. This course equips participants with essential skills to create clear, concise, and respectful emails. Explore crucial topics such as subject lines, tone, grammar, and response times. Learn to navigate email etiquette nuances, including best practices and adherence to company policies. Elevate your communication game and foster a positive and efficient work environment. 


Session Three: Writing a Resume that Works

In today’s competitive job market, a well-crafted resume and cover letter can make all the difference. Learn to create professional resumes tailored to specific industries and jobs. 


Session Four: Interviewing Basics: Key Concepts

This course equips you with the essential techniques to excel in interviews. Learn how to present yourself confidently, answer questions effectively, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.