for Ohio peer-recovery organizations.​

Our Mission

To strengthen and expand the impact of peer recovery organizations throughout Ohio.

Our Vision

Ohioans thriving in recovery.

Our Values

Our mission is based on relationships -- peer to peer and organization to organization -- to ensure those we serve live healthy lives.
We serve all regions in Ohio and are committed to diverse representation of every community.
We believe in the power of gratitude, optimism, and spirituality to help those in recovery overcome the challenges they face.
We advance peer recovery services because we know, from research and experience, that peer to peer recovery has better outcomes.
We advocate for those with mental health and substance use disorders, and we elevate their role in recovery programs.
Our collective impact as a sector is best realized when we communicate and lead with unity.

We are the unifying force for Ohio peer-recovery organizations

We believes that people should live with hope, health, a sense of belonging, and purpose.

We know our empathetic peer and recovery support involvement leads to better quality-of-life outcomes.

About OhioPro

Ohio Peer Recovery Organizations serves as the unifying force for Ohio peer-recovery organizations and programs to speak with one voice in all aspects of the mental health and substance use disorder systems.


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